A modern vegetable store is a high-tech building that can bring high profit to its owner for many years. Long-term storage with the minimum loss is a distinctive feature of a modern vegetable store.

REN Group designs and erects buildings in strict compliance with requirements to installation and operation of the latest climatic and process equipment made in the Netherlands. We use our own rich experience in construction and the knowledge of Dutch specialists in creating perfect climatic conditions in order to ensure that our buildings meet high standards of efficient vegetable storage. We have developed a number of efficient standard designs and also offer individual design and construction so that you receive a profit-making and easy-to-use store.

The main purpose of the farm is to sell the fruits of its labor when the price is good or when the farm needs money.

Each enterprise is unique and, therefore, requires its own unique solution for creating fruit and vegetable stores. Everything should be taken into account — from climatic conditions of crop growing, production volume and sorts of products to methods of sale. Any adopted solution is experience-based.

When talking about vegetable stores, the best technologies and experience may be only obtained from Dutch specialists, because the Netherlands holds leadership in selling vegetables. We believe that the Italians are the international leaders in storing fruits, as their developments and technical improvements enable for example storage of apples all year round with the maximum loss not exceeding 5%.

Of course, we can go our own way, but it is usually longer and more expensive. That is why it is better to deal with professionals who know a lot about the implementation of projects for storing vegetables and fruits. We are proud that people creating our vegetable stores know not only the storage technology; but also they are competent in growing and harvesting technologies, as only such joint efforts bring the best result.

Our center is interested in the best result of our clients, because their success means our success.

We are proud of the development of our customers and pleased for their feedbacks.