REN GROUP designs and erects rotation camps successfully. Our professionals will create modular housing complexes that meet all demands and financial opportunities of our customers. All you need to do is to agree on all specific aspects of the camp in advance.

Accommodation of building crews in remote locations and comprehensive equipping of the construction site with all necessary buildings is an integral requirement for any large-scale construction in the oil and gas industry. This complex of buildings is usually called a rotation camp.

The key specific aspects of a rotation camp include the following:

Temporary residential complexes shall be reliable and durable, resistant to the aggressive action of environment, and accessible for a customer.

What should be taken into account when ordering the design?

What can we offer our customers?

We are ready to offer you modular facilities of various types and sizes, as well as their turn-key design and installation.

Our rotation camps will differ in:

We pay special attention to:

The background of experience and advanced production enables design, production and performance of installation works by REN GROUP to arrange rotation camps in any climatic conditions within the shortest possible time. We will offer you an appropriate modification of buildings depending on the technical assignment and the region of construction.

Feel free to contact us! We will erect any residential or non-residential facility for your rotation camp, or will prepare turn-key rotation camps for you!